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     Welcome to Gracious Girlz Academy where girls aged 9-12 meet up virtually and in-person to become graciously incredible. Gracious Girlz academy offers personal development programs, workshops, events, field trips, teen summits, fundraisers, community service, community service projects, social skills lessons, and so much more. Girls get the opportunity to connect with other girls who experience some of the same things they do. They discovered they are are not alone. 

     GGz members will receive a calendar of events for the year in their welcome packet so they will be prepared for what's ahead. Visit GGz Village and get to know our fictitious characters. There are all sorts of things going on. Such as DIYs, contests, giveaways, and so on. A link to the Cookies 'n' Cream newsletter is available in the member's area. It is a must-read and will keep you in the know all things Gracious Girlz.