Friends at Camp

Discovering, accepting, embracing and owning who we are! 



Gracious Girlz members learn quickly through hands-on exercises about leadership. They discover which leadership style they have. The activities and discussions are planned and led by them.


Digital Magazine

Gracious Girlz digital magazine is produced twice a year free of charge to members. The magazine features articles and DIY projects by members.


GGz Box Subscriptions

We Sparkle!
We Shimmer!
We Shine!

Aspiring to Become Graciously Incredible!

Gracious Girlz offers box subscriptions that can be found in GGz Boutique. To keep girls motivated and aware of age-appropriate products, nutrition, and fitness the boxes are filled with delight.

What's What

GGz Chapter Meetings


GGz Bank & Trust

It is mandatory that all clubs have chapter meetings. Old and new business, topic lessons, and activity are discussed. Any assignment due should be turned it. Ex. Gratitude form.

Special events are had to recruit new members and to reward current members for a job well done in discovering, accepting, embracing, and owning who they are.

Gracious Girlz members learn how to earn, to save, and invest. They earn GGz bucks. They learn the importance of money and banking. Each lesson is packed with fun and is engaging.



GGz Book Club

Workshops provide hands-on experience and sometimes substitute topics and lessons at chapter meetings. A certificate for participation is given at end of workshop.

Summits are held twice a year to give girls the opportunity to ask burning questions and get answers to by a panel who are professional and ready to give back.

Gracious Girlz promotes literacy in the community. Providing the tools, supplies, and resources the girls will need to set up their book club will present an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.


GGz Boutique

GGz Birthday Club 

Gracious Girlz holds at least one fundraiser per quarter to help raiser funds to ensure that the members have everything they need.

GGz Boutique offers positive products for young girls such as caps, t-shirts, mugs, posters, journals, and candles. The money goes back into the program to ensure its' success.

Gracious Girlz members are automatically signed up for the birthday club upon enrollment. They will receive a small gift in the mail along with a card.